Social Media Marketing is proving to be a marketing powerhouse

The Monforte blog employs social media marketing [SMM] in additon to Search Engine Optimization [SEO] plus rich content with links - the best of all worlds.

We suggest you host your own WordPress blog domain. We can build this for you. We won't only build the site – we plant keywords in the original text, with pictures and links - this effort is similar to freshly planted seeds in fertile soil - you will have seedlings until your blog has a good Google PageRank. We use bookmarking services and blog indexes, we work to attract niche readers who leave comments, tweets and incoming links. At Google PageRank 2, the blog accrues a 'social relevance' inside a niche, its keywords are focused on what people use to search content and the blog posts rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages. Large amounts of traffic funnel in under specific keywords.  Now there is the opportunity to monetize your traffic because your fields have become highly 'socially relevant' and keywords get indexed immediately. You will be invited to participate in niche functions and you will be approached by ad networks.

This is a month over month effort - when the blogger stops writing and the blog slowly slips back into oblivion, incoming links disappear and the search engines find better, fresher data to index. You will need to learn HOW to do this yourself or you can retain us to publish new content with all back links and story funnels each month.

NOTE: Next week I will write about how to ensure that your web site converts interest to enrolment. Counting conversations, conversions or monetization is the only way to measure success of your web site/blog effort.
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