Photo Essays and Story Telling - The Monforte example

A service we provide: Monforte Dairy becomes ‘THE MONFORTE’ : a photo exposition of the community, the beliefs and the linkages that make Monforte who they are in the minds of those who know them, who are just starting to get to know them. This is the service we provide to clients who live their values, who reach beyond what they say they do — who exemplify beliefs. Social Media Marketing and this method of storytelling merge into a single effort to bring more like-minded people together. >>That’s smart and beautiful.>>

There are keywords in the original text, pictures and links - this effort is similar to freshly planted seeds in fertile soil - you will have seedlings until your blog has a good Google PageRank. We will use bookmarking services and blog indexes, we will work to attract niche readers who leave comments, tweets and incoming links. At Google PageRank 2, the blog accrues a 'social relevance' inside a niche, its keywords are focused on what people use to search content and the blog posts rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages. Large amounts of traffic funnel in under specific keywords.

The purpose of this site? Keep relationsips strong, attract new clients, align thinking and provide the most up to date market dates/times/locations - this is the site's measurement critera for conversion/monetization. What do you want your blog to do for you?

"Nora Camps and the Duo team did a fantastic job facilitating a visioning process for the College of Management and Economics at the University of Guelph. This involved both senior management retreats and stakeholder focus groups.  Nora was creative, energetic, and professional.  She was also particularly skilled at bringing together disparate points of view and helping us find common ground, in a fun and engaging way.  With Nora's help, we were able to articulate a compelling vision, chart a new course and develop exciting new promotional material.  Nora pushes the envelope; and we are the better for it!"
Julia Christensen Hughes, PhD
Dean, College of Management and Economics
University of Guelph

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