Day after day, your marketing department and creative team dream up new ways to capture the attention and respect of your customers. Witty, graphic, smart, and sassy creative is developed and tested. Even the most successful campaigns run their course. Creative comes and goes... You are only as good as your last great campaign or your new product launch. How do you inspire loyalty beyond reason?

With story.

1. A winning mindset is in constant evolution and observation.
Even if you have always sold the same widget, your market is changing, the world around you is constantly tripping and flipping and you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what is next – and adapt your proposition accordingly. Whose job is that?

  1. Have you ever had an idea for a product, project, or service – but it never went farther than the idea stage and then a year or so later someone else has launched it?
  2. Do you find that your best ideas come at unexpected times and then you forget them before you have a chance to write them down - at night, in the shower, on long solitary drives or as a jumping off point from some other idea?
  3. Do you find that you forgot even eureka moments and ideas - until you see or hear about them later?

If you want to be lucky, it pays to be prepared.

“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” ~ Alan Alda

If you are like most businesses in Canada, it is likely that you are hunkered down in a wait and see mode. How long will it take before people start spending money and start evaluating opportunity based on the age old value proposition: make me want it, make me need it, and make it worth more to me than I have paid. One wise purchase begets another parallel purchase and before you know it the economy starts chugging along.

Imagine that after six long weeks of hard work your web site is finally ready to be launched. After some self-congratulations you turn your attention to the the pile of work that has built up while you were focused on the web project. Each day, your web site demands less and less of your attention, and before you know it – you've decided to have a GOOD web site when you could be working on how to make a GOOD web site GREAT!

It's not over EVER!

Organizations that have a steady stream of creativity are more likely to evolve their business, increase their sales, strengthen their relationships, and extend their brand than companies who do not have access to prolific, cool, new ideas.

How would your team respond to these questions? As the leader - how would you answer?

Soft becomes Hard: ROI calculations require a rethink because SOFT projects do produce HARD results.