A year of brilliant OLD ideas...STILL TRUE TODAY!

Excerpted from a post dated 12/08/07

Re-engineering. Calling all engineers, product designers, inventors. Your Time Is Now!!

Think about the necessary redesign of virtually everything we use in favor of the most environmentally-friendly options for production, use and recycling. We are graduating engineers, architects, industrial designers and artists who are agents of this change.

How you feel about the future determines the future.

Bravely publish your beliefs - there will be no going back

Special Glasses - Open Your Mind and Share What's There is DUO.CA's own art magazine. This is issue two - available in selected bookstores across Canada. This is not a retail magazine like Max Mara or SAAB produces, nor is it an advertising vehicle. This is a high fidelity print piece that elevates commentary, imagery, and opinion to the ultimate legacy platform - print.

Feeding the mind, the soul and the stomach - Italy

Design your flag, wave your flag - know who you are.

Your clients know you for who they think you are.

Imagine if you had a life-long relationship with your customers – a relationship founded on truth, shared values, and your unique proposition.

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