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Jump before you are pushed!

Jump before you are pushed!  And if you are pushed, don't forget to say thank you. 


Shakespeare observed “The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.”

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." – William Shakespeare

Are you talking to me?

Who are you talking to - precisely?

Often the best, most effective, words and sentiments are expressed by a writer who is the same demographic as your audience. 

Addressing FEAR: Installment 1/3

Supposedly there is a chemical that is released into our system when we are exhilarated. This chemical is equivalent to a very expensive and useful drug that can retard or even reverse a set of fatal conditions. Exhilaration is different from FEAR, it’s when our heart is beating and our pulse is racing and we are totally in the moment.

A recipe for success

The DUO.CA process is started by aligning possibilities with strategic outcomes. Example of outcomes: is your product or service viable, is it desireable, does it meet the objectives of triple bottom line [profit, people, planet] thinking? 

A little movie says it best

The University of Guelph has many little known gems, and one such gem is the Guelph Urban Organic Farm located at the Stone Road campus in Guelph, Ontario. See the little movie

OWN YOUR STORIES. Strengthen your community. Share through your Blog.

Are you rethinking your social media strategy? And have you been following the Facebook IPO. I believe stocks are trading at $19.28 a piece which is half what they were three months ago. There is a groundswell of Facebook fatigue. Companies and individuals are reconsidering how they spend their time - too much time is spent sensationalizing content to get the most LIKES on Facebook vs. taking time to tell stories, report news, share opportunity on corporate blogs. I forsee an eminent facebook exodus.


Photos left to right: Darko Antic, Nora Camps, Joseph Wright

A Storied Career. Kathy Hansen asks about storytelling.

A Storied Career

Kathy Hansen's Blog explores traditional and postmodern forms/uses of storytelling. I was recently interviewed by Kathy. The interview has been reposted here. The original interview is at A storied Career. 


Winner of our Canadian Harvest Photo Contest is Andrea from British Columbia.

I was the judge of the top 10 of nearly 100 images entered into the DUO.CA sponsored Canadian Harvest Photo Contest. More than 2,000 votes selected the top 10 photos. I choose Andrea's image of her two sons in their garden because it felt 'of the moment' and because it intuits a story of farming and families. Read on for Andrea's story and to find out why we sponsored this photo contest.

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