Heartfelt Memorable Communications

Here is an essential truth: the method you employ to convey the tone, the look and the feel of what you have to say is itself embedded in the message. I wouldn’t spend a hard-earned dollar on average – looking communications that don’t convey at a glance, how you want to be perceived. In one word, innovate the medium. And then how you impart your message – the very method, the words, the sentiment – comes into play. Here is another important single word: Story.

There are cracks in your veneer and your ethos is showing.

Ethos is a Greek word meaning "character" that is used to describe your guiding beliefs.

Living your passion and beliefs enacts the most memorable demonstration of your ethos.  Exemplify who you are and what you believe, in plain language, in print and online.  Look at your web site:  is the language used congruent with your beliefs? Is your proposition in line with your beliefs? When you are in alignment your clients, prospects, investors and partners feel they know the authentic you. 

Blur your way to new opportunities

Blurring produces opportunities, outgrowths, spin-offs…fresh vantages. 

When I was a graphic designer, there was a step in design where the designer stood back and looked with purposely unfocussed eyes at their design. By blurring their eyes, they could focus on placement/balance/colour without being distracted by the specific images and words of the task. 

Blurriness–in the best sense of the word–is a method of truly seeing what is there without being confined to a predetermined set of parameters or outcomes. 

The interviewer asked: Without revealing any secrets...

Without revealing any secrets, can you talk a bit about your company's concept of "High Fidelity Story Telling?"

No BUZZ. No BEES. Or story sharing as a business driver

Creating BUZZ while accumulating images and gathering sentiments. What could be grander?

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