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We find and tell your story.

This story of you must be true, heartfelt and proven.

Your story will be the underpinning of everything you publish.  

A company or institution has a strategy, a plan, a set of benchmarks but so often they have neglected their story. A story that is carefully nuanced, married with imagery, told in the syntax that is yours and yours alone... well this story has resonance, it encourages action, it is legacy-making. A version of this story, your story, becomes the next campaign, it feeds your brand strategy and unifies your people. 

This is what we do - we find and illuminate your story -  we orchestrate community involvement; capture words, sentiments and imagery, we apply these to a range of materials that we then test for resonance: web, print, social, direct, key messaging, brand standards and then we provide the a story document to share across your departments and creative agencies, a workbook that informs and ignites imagination. 

NOTE: At the conclusion of each stage you will be presented with the findings. You will be able to immediately deploy the words and images uncovered in the research and you will approve the next stage of the project. This project is equal parts community/organization engagement AND testing and honing what we have discovered to be your unique truth. If we begin now, we could be helding to launch your new campaign or brand in six months time - a campaign you will launch with confidence. 

A call and a face-to-face meeting will start the process. 

Nora Camps
416 829 2245

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Thank you for your superb art direction, incredible counsel and attention to detail. The calendars and the online report are extraordinary. You guys have done a knock out job.
Wendy Turner, Stewardship and Donor Relations, University of Guelph