DUO's Survey Process Guarantees Success

Survey the stakeholders in your organization to ensure that everyone is planning and building for the same result.


The Survey and Debrief process takes only a few days yet invariably saves hours of meetings and months of planning and design. Most importantly, the project is skewed for success because it is powered by shared knowledge and understanding.

So, a custom survey PROVES what you know and PROVIDES KNOWLEDGE that you need. The survey ALIGNS the position of key stakeholders, DEFINES success and creates ACTIONABLE items that are supported by the key stakeholders of your organization.

We will take you to a place where there is agreement on goals. Choose from either a Custom Web Survey or a Custom Marketing Survey. Request yours now. Let's have a conversation. Tell us what you want to accomplish. We will design a custom Survey for you.

Once you have agreement on over-arching goals we can idea generate with you until you have a full arsenal of ideas to deploy and criteria to test success against. Everyone is onside. Everyone is wanting the same thing. Test/hone/achieve. Begin with the Survey and avoid the chasm.

In 4 business days we can have tabulated responses and a Debrief document with recommendations for next steps.

The benefits of a Debrief are limitless - for some companies the Debrief becomes the key strategic document. For other companies, the Debrief provides a basis for measuring expenditures and results. For still other companies the Debrief saves thousands of dollars because it illustrates that stakeholders are disparate in their views. Either way verifying what you believe to be true - IS JUST PLAIN SMART.

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