Nora Camps

Nora Camps is a marketing communications strategist, story conveyor and fine artist.

Strategist & Creative Director
"I just returned from Farm Aid in North Carolina. It was the first time Jack White performed there. Most artists performed a set or two. Jack did what felt like a full concert within a concert. He was oscillating at a certain speed, directing everyone on stage - moving around and picking up different instruments and producing vibe and energy - he looked almost crazed and absolutely of the moment.  I love Jack White because he operates this way and everything he does has the benefit of his passionate will.  I get what he does, because to an extent, I work like that too – total immersion. You don't get a little of me; you get my best work, always. I don't want everyone as my client -- I want people who believe in what they do and who want an extraordinary outcome from a story sharing/marketing communications effort. If this sounds like you, feels like you, then let's get started. The first thing I will do is interview the people around you who have an understanding of what you [your organization] does…oral storytelling and broad story sharing…that is part 1 of my 5-part plan to bring your audience, your people and your prospects closer to you."     Nora Camps

Nora Camps believes in the most powerful communications device in existence: storytelling. A story channel DUO.CA built for Monforte Dairy is proving to introduce values, to build rapport, to bring people who already love them even closer. This is a credible, relevant business advantage achieved through regular engagement in the form of photo essays, videos, stories.
Nora has demonstrated the power of what she refers to as 'high fidelity storytelling', and how she uses print collateral and events to build an organization's character. Nora is President at DUO.CA, a brand strategy consulting firm specializing in charitable foundations, not-for-profit organizations and companies who have a true entrepreneurial spirit.
Before starting her own firm, Nora worked in advertising, direct mail, sales, media relations and corporate design.
 Nora's personal interest is in executing agricultural theme marketing initiatives for a brighter future on a greener planet. Nora says: "I love helping people achieve great things: connecting people with ideas and each other: and juxtaposing disparate ideas to produce new realities. My own painting and photography exemplify these desires. Client work is where all creative processes and business objectives converge."
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